We offer postnatal home visits giving you and your family support with your newborn. 
Having support in the early weeks can make a real difference to new mothers and fathers.  It helps to build confidence while guiding and supporting you with how to take care of yourselves and your newborn.
Areas we cover:
  • General care of the baby 
  • Feeding: breastfeeding and bottle feeding, pumping and also weaning onto solids
  • Bathing
  • Postnatal healing for Mothers
  • Colic and constant crying
  • Soothing and settling techniques
  • Getting into a routine – sleeping and feeding
  • How your baby is developing – physical and emotional milestones
Having a baby is a wonderful special time but sometimes it can be very challenging, tiring and an emotional journey.
We offer:
  • Emotional support; helping to recognise signs of postnatal depression and getting you the right support.
  • Support from birth trauma
  • Birth loss

For support please call or message Tel: +65 82980616

Classes & Workshops