Baby yoga is based on the principles of adult yoga, breathing, stretching and relaxation.

Classes help babies to stretch and move and to discover their abilities and bodies whilst parents practice gentle yoga stretches too. Yoga helps balance the body and mind, and can help boost circulation and digestion, strengthen joints and muscles, and encourage removal of waste and toxins in the body.


  • Open the hip & knee joints
  • Strengthen the muscles in legs and at the base of the spine
  • Develop balance for sitting, crawling and walking
  • The internal organs are massaged
  • Helps babies relieve any tensions they have in their intestines
  • Helps prevent colic and constipation
  • Positions provide opportunity for baby to have ‘tummy time’ (time on their front) to enable them to lift their heads and strengthen their neck muscles, shoulders and arms and finally their backs
  • Stretches chest allowing baby to breath more deeply, which increases oxygen, benefiting all the organs of the body and the immune system
  • Relaxation is a key part of Yoga, and no less important in baby yoga, it allows us to balance the activity of the yoga session with a period of rest. This is not only a wonderful opportunity for a tired parent to re-energise, it is also a gift to pass on to a baby – the ability to unwind is a gift for life


As a baby and adult yoga instructor I have experienced the benefits with my own children. Baby yoga is something you can start from when your baby is first born and is fun and relaxing, and you can continue as they grow.

Babies attend classes with babies of a similar age and ability. At the end of each session there is the opportunity for parents to practise gentle yoga stretches too.