It’s wonderful to receive feedback from the parents who attend My Baby Adores classes and use our range of products. Thank you for all the encouraging comments!

Classes and Workshops

Having attended a Dads Workshop on a Saturday morning with our 5 week old daughter, I found it really helped me to bond and understand our baby’s needs. Learning the different yoga moves has also given me great confidence in handling our baby especially as she is our first – I would recommend the session to all Dads!

Chris, Dad to Sofia

I organised the Baby Massage Course for my ante natal group and we all found it to be a great way to bond with our babies as well enjoying the social side of meeting up each week. We all went on to attend the ‘follow on course’ which included lots of baby yoga moves and massage to songs which was great fun and we were sorry when the course came to an end.

Harriet, mum to Tegan

I attended the baby massage course with my NCT group when our babies were only weeks old, it was really nice to be able to get out of the house and learn a new skill whilst bonding with our babies, we all found that the techniques learnt on the course were really useful in helping to soothe and calm our babies, especially as we are all first time mums.

Claire, mum to Jacob

I had a really colicky baby who was up pretty much all night screaming, on the baby massage course I learnt a colic routine and various different yoga moves all which has really helped Bethany – I am so grateful!

Samanthamum to Bethany


My husband bought me the ‘new baby gift box’ and we love using all the products, the ‘botty butter has really helped Sam’s nappy rash and the Body Cream has really helped his baby eczema at the back of his knees – its also so reassuring that all the products are natural.


I received a lovely ‘new mum to be gift box’ which I love, all the products were beautifully packaged up and smell divine, I particularly like the Bath Soak as it has such a lovely aroma that’s very relaxing and the Body Cream is deeply moisturising without leaving my skin feeling greasy.


Both my two children love the Splish Splash Bubble Bath as it creates loads of bubbles in the bath.

Angie, mum to Zoe and Ben

Having suffered from really sore cracked nipples with my first and finding that very little helped soothe them I was anxious about breastfeeding my second baby. When I started to get cracked nipples again I used ‘My baby Adores’ nipple cream and found that within 24hrs they had started to heal and feeding slowly became a joy again.

Claire, mum to Jack