Baby Massage Articles

We have provided below links to some useful articles on baby massage, which we hope you find of interest and benefit.

Baby massage and sleep
Baby massage and bonding
Baby massage and development
Baby massage and premature babies
Expact Living, Sinagpore
Expact Living, Baby Whisperers – Emeline Hare
Baby Reflexology

Natural Balance Reflexology

Recommended Sites

Sassy Mama Singapore – The go-to guide for mordern mamas!


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr Kong at Aeglewellness is located at 44 Rochester Park, they practise all forms of TCM and have wonderful pre and post natal packages available.

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Bean is a board certified and licensed Canadian naturopathic physician –

Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting Training, Playgroups for toddlers and babies and Family Coaching

Cornelia Dehinten: Tel +65 9117 7804

Email: info@the 

Physiotherapy and Women’s health Practitioner 

Monica Donaldson – Tel:+65 6779 0660