Baby Massage Articles

We have provided below links to some useful articles on baby massage, which we hope you find of interest and benefit.

Baby massage and sleep
Baby massage and bonding
Baby massage and development
Baby massage and premature babies
Expact Living, Sinagpore
Expact Living, Baby Whisperers – Emeline Hare
Sassy Mama Singapore – The go-to guide for mordern mamas!


Recommended Practitioners


Physio Down Under, specialising in women’s health physiotherapy.        Tel: +65 6909 5580

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr Kong, a specialist in pregancy and postnatal care.       Tel: +65 6547 4550


Pinnacle Chiropractor        Tel: +65 6635 1949

Counselling and Psychotherapy

More Mindful, Silvia Wetherell           Tel: +65 6817 7867