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Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Baby massage has fantastic health benefits for you and your baby – and it’s great fun too!

Massage is an excellent channel through which to communicate love, comfort and support to your baby. It helps you understand your baby’s subtle, non-verbal language, and develop your ability to listen and understand your baby’s cues.

Through massage, you lay down foundations of trust and security – helping to develop a happy and confident relationship with your baby for the future.

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  • Create lasting bonds between you and your baby

  • Relaxation for both baby and parent

  • Stimulate and support baby’s physical, emotional, and social development

  • Relief from wind, colic, constipation, teething and other ailments

  • Meet other parents with small babies in the local area

  • Develop a unique skill that you can use with your baby through to early childhood

Bonding and Communication are enhanced with massage
  • The child is engaged by his parents touch, eye contact, speech, body movement and facial expression

  • The child responds with similar signals which stimulate further response from their parent. Over time, this reciprocal interaction deepens and strengthens bonding

  • Massage stimulates circulation and increases the flow of oxygen around the body

  • Massage stimulates digestion and elimination of waste and helping with colic or constipation. It may also help premature babies absorb food, and gain weight more easily

  • Massage stimulates the flow of lymph and elimination of toxins which will aid the immune system and help resistance to infections

  • Massage encourages muscle co-ordination

  • Massage stimulates the central nervous system which is important for both neurological and motor development.

  • Massage can aid recovery from childhood ailments such as asthma, catarrh, sleep problems and eczema

Massage for colicky and fractious babies

Approximately 25 percent of babies experience colic, a condition that causes babies to cry inconsolably for at least three hours a day at least three days a week mostly from early evening through the night. Keep in mind that this is the minimum amount of crying for a diagnosis; some babies cry for hours on end with no apparent reason. Babies with colic may arch their back and tighten their stomach and pull their legs up, they seem in a lot of pain and this can be stressful for the whole family to deal with. Baby massage can help ease colic and soothe your baby; it can also really help parents to feel positive that they are doing something to help ease their baby’s pain and discomfort. Skin to skin touch promotes and strengthens the bond between baby and parent. Through massaging your baby and learning different holds you can help to ease the discomfort and disperse the trapped wind and ease any constipation they may have.We see many babies with colic or just fractious unsettled babies and we have found that baby massage has had a very positive outcome for both baby and parent.

Massage for babies and children with special needs

Massaging your baby or child who has special needs has huge benefits both emotionally and for health and well-being and is a wonderful way in which to communicate love and re assurance.  Its also a wonderful way for you to relax and have fun together.  If your baby or child has complications or has been unwell then always ask your doctor before massaging.

We run both group and private classes, if you would like to come and join us or find our more then please do get in touch.

Massage for premature babies

The World Health Organisation defines a premature baby that is born before 37 weeks from the first day of the mothers last menstrual period. With current medical technology babies can now be delivered and survive as young as 24 weeks.

At the Touch Research Institute, they studied the effects of massage and have published various articles outlining the benefits of positive touch through massage on premature babies.

They found that babies development and sensory awareness was enhanced through massage and that they gained more weight than a comparative group.  Positive touch releases feel good hormones in the body which helps counteract stress and anxiety and promotes motor and cognitive development.

It is always important that before massaging your baby you make sure your baby is well enough for massage, no skin rashes, fever or sickness and is happy to receive a massage.  If you are unsure ask your babies doctor for advice.

Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is based on the principles of adult yoga, breathing, stretching and relaxation

Classes help babies to stretch and move and to discover their abilities and bodies whilst parents practice gentle yoga stretches too. Yoga helps balance the body and mind, and can help boost circulation and digestion, strengthen joints and muscles, and encourage removal of waste and toxins in the body.

  • Open the hip & knee joints

  • Strengthen the muscles in legs and at the base of the spine

  • Develop balance for sitting, crawling, and walking

  • The internal organs are massaged

  • Helps babies relieve any tensions they have in their intestines

  • Helps prevent colic and constipation

  • Positions provide opportunity for baby to have ‘tummy time’ (time on their front) to enable them to lift their heads and strengthen their neck muscles, shoulders, and arms and finally their backs

  • Stretches chest allowing baby to breath more deeply, which increases oxygen, benefiting all the organs of the body and the immune system.

  • Relaxation is a key part of Yoga, and no less important in baby yoga, it allows us to balance the activity of the yoga session with a period of rest. This is not only a wonderful opportunity for a tired parent to re-energise, it is also a gift to pass on to a baby – the ability to unwind is a gift for life.

Babies attend classes with babies of a similar age and ability. At the end of each session there is the opportunity for parents to practise gentle yoga stretches too


International Teacher Training

Welcome to our Teacher Training Courses in Baby Massage and Yoga.  Learn to teach baby massage and yoga to parents, care givers and babies, we offer high quality training, that is completely flexible.

Want to join our Baby Massage and Yoga Classes

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