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Baby Massage with Baby Yoga

A fantastic weekly session combining baby massage and baby yoga. A great way to connect and bond with your baby.  In these classes you will learn how to support your baby’s growth and development, strengthen up their muscles while having lots of fun.


  • One hour session

  • Suitable for four weeks old to pre crawling

  • Classes are fun and friendly

  • Drinks and homemade cake provided

  • Cost: $25 per session


Workshops for Colicky and Unsettled Little Ones

You will learn a specific routine using massage and yoga techniques to strengthen your baby's muscles, improve their digestion, and get rid of wind and congestion. Additionally, you will learn various holds and swinging motions to help calm, soothe, and settle your baby.


  • One hour session

  • Suitable for all babies

  • Handout at the end of the workshop

  • Drinks and biscuits provided

  • Cost: $25 per session


Workshops for Dads

A great way to enhance the bond between father and baby. In this workshop you will learn a baby massage routine, along with baby yoga moves and holds.


  • One hour session

  • Suitable for babies from four-weeks to crawling

  • Classes are friendly and relaxed

  • Cost: $25 per session

  • Private sessions and Gift vouchers also available


Soothe, Settle and Sleep Workshop

A wonderful one-hour session combining massage, yoga and reflexology, to help calm, settle and initiate restful sleep. At the end of the session, we will discuss sleep challenges and how to overcome them, routines and any questions you may have.

  • One hour session

  • Suitable for babies from four-weeks to crawling.

  • Classes are friendly and relaxed

  • Cost: $25 per session


Mummy To Be Workshops

This workshop is designed specifically for expecting mothers to provide top birth tips as well as practical and emotional advice for labour, birth, and the first 24 hours with their newborn.


Topics covered:

  • The third trimester and your EDD

  • Comfort measures, massage, acupressure, and counter pressure

  • The power of the mind

  • Optimal positioning

  • The golden hour

  • Postnatal healing

  • The first 24hrs with your newborn


Every mummy will receive a My Baby Adores Gift Bag, which includes essential oils, a book of labour affirmations and handouts on the topic covered.


 Drinks and healthy snacks will be provided.

Cost: $50

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