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Emeline Hare founded My Baby Adores in 2006

Passionate about health and well-being, Emeline is dedicated to providing compassionate and evidence-based care. She has three children and published her first book, The Gift of Birth, in 2020.


Emeline has worked for the NHS (National Healthcare System, UK) and the NCT (National Childbirth Trust, UK), as well as several private medical clinics. While living in Canada she gained invaluable training and experience as a Lactation Specialist. Since moving to Singapore in 2013, she has worked on the labour and postnatal wards of many of the private and government hospitals, where she is registered.


Emeline collaborates with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioners to provide the best post-natal care for parents, including teaching baby yoga and baby massage to support babies in their early stages of development.


Emeline is currently studying a master’s degree in Functional Medicine, which she plans to use to supplement her practice.


University of Cambridge, PGDip in Antenatal Education and Neonatal Care, Lactation Specialist, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Hypnobirthing, Yoga Instructor, Reflexologist, International Teacher Trainer in Baby Massage, Baby Yoga Teacher, and Doula.  


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is about empowerment through education, enabling couples to make informed choices and decisions about their labour, birth, and care of their baby. Everyone is entitled to a beautiful birthing experience; however, it may unfold.

  • Knowledge is power, the more we know the less we fear. We provide up to date evidence-based research so that you can make educated decisions with your health care provider through pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

  • Trust, women are made for birth, so when we lean into the process and learn to trust our body and work with the process of labour, the outcome is often much better. We teach techniques such as hypnobirthing, affirmations, meditations, breathing and yoga, to help women feel calm, confident, and relaxed.

  • Our aim is to equip couples and individuals with tools and techniques for a positive and joyous experience.

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“My mission is to support, guide and nurture parents through continuity of care”

"There is not one way to give birth or bring up a child"


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