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  • Do I need Childbirth Education?
    Research teaches us that parents who receive childbirth education are more likely to have a normal vaginal birth, less likely to use pain relief during labour, and less likely to be induced, and have shorter labours. Parents have increased birth satisfaction, are more likely to have breastfeeding success, have better communication with their care providers, and have a more positive outlook on their whole birth experience. The My Baby Adores Childbirth Course prepares you to approach labour and birth confidently, enabling you to make informed decisions and equipped with resources for a happier, healthier, and easier journey into parenthood.
  • Is this course only for parents who want an unmedicated birth?
    No!! My Baby Adores Childbirth Course is designed to provide you with information that will allow you to make informed decisions and choose the best labour and birth options for you. We will discuss spontaneous and induced labour, unmedicated and medicated labours, vaginal and caesarean births, and other topics. So, you're feeling positive no matter how your labour and birth unfold.
  • When should I take the course?
    Whether you're three months pregnant or two weeks away from giving birth, now is an excellent time to learn how to have a happier, healthier, and easier birth. Whatever stage of pregnancy you are in, the more you know, the less you fear, so it's never too late to get educated for a positive birth and postpartum period.
  • I don't live in Singapore; will the course still be relevant to different birth practises?
    Yes!! the My Baby Adores Childbirth Course will still be very valuable. The course is very comprehensive, having worked on three different continents; North America, Europe, and Asia; you will learn about common birth practices worldwide, how to build your birth team, and most importantly, how to trust your body and have a positive birth.
  • When should I start?
    There is no hard and fast rule about the best time to start the Hypnobirthing, it is never too late. We’ve had expectant parents start at 40 weeks pregnant and still find it beneficial in helping them prepare for a positive birth.
  • Is it worth doing Hypnobirthing if I’m having a planned C-section or medicated birth?
    Yes!! Hypnobirthing is designed to make all births better. The course includes information on medicated births and gentle caesareans. The breathing and relaxation techniques can help enormously whether scheduled or unplanned. In fact, the techniques taught in hypnobirthing can be applied in many areas of life where we want to bring a sense of calm and deep relaxation.
  • Can anyone do baby massage and baby yoga?
    Yes!! That is the beauty of baby massage and baby yoga, everyone can join in.It’s easy to learn and a great way to bond and have fun with your baby
  • When can I start baby massage and baby yoga classes?
    You can start from when your baby is six weeks old.
  • What happens if my baby cries or becomes fuzzy?
    Don't be concerned; all babies cry from time to time, and everyone understands.
  • Do I need to bring any specific to classes?
    You just need to bring a spare nappy/diaper, baby wipes and a muslin or small blanket. Yoga mats, towels and organic baby massage oil is provided. If you forget anything we will help you so don’t worry!
  • Are there any contraindications of when not to massage your baby?
    There are various times when it would not be appropriate to massage your baby. If your baby is suffering from any of the following conditions, then it is advisable to wait until your baby is better or consult your doctor before commencing massage. · Acute infections · Sickness · Temperature/Fever · Diarrhoea · Contagious diseases · Undiagnosed lumps and bumps · Recent surgery · Open sores · Inflammation · Less than 48 hours after immunisation
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