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Postpartum Support

The postpartum period is the weeks after birth, often referred to as the “fourth trimester”, when you and your baby are getting to know each other, and you are adjusting to being a parent. While it is a magical time it can also be a vulnerable time, as your body recovers after birth, learning how to care for your newborn and adjusting to parenthood (being on-call 24/7).  This is often a time when parents can find themselves feeling isolated, struggling to find answers, and sometimes overwhelmed by other people’s opinions. Research teaches us that support is essential during this time, both for the wellbeing of parents and the wellbeing of babies.

We offer postnatal home visits giving you and your family support with your newborn. We believe in nurturing and guiding parents, so that you feel supported emotionally and equipt with knowledge and practical tips to help you and your baby have a joyous first year.


Support and guidance in

  • General care of the baby

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding, pumping, and weaning onto solids

  • Bathing and cord care

  • Postnatal healing for mothers

  • Colic and constant crying

  • Soothing and settling techniques

  • Getting into a routine – sleeping and feeding

  • Baby’s development – physical and emotional milestones


Cost: $180


Receive Compassionate and Caring Support

Home visits or on-line consultations

The Importance of Touch

A wonderful video clip demonstrating how warm water and touch can soothe, comfort and calm babies. Just one of the techniques you can learn with us.

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