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Weekly Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Classes

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A fun workshop that helps babies stretch and move while also discovering their abilities and bodies.
The classes begin with a baby massage routine that includes songs and nursery rhythms, followed by baby yoga.

Benefits of baby yoga and massage:

  • Open the hip & knee joints.

  • Strengthen the muscles in legs and at the base of the spine.

  • Develop balance for sitting, crawling, and walking.

  • The internal organs are massaged.

  • Helps babies relieve any tensions they have in their intestines.

  • Helps prevent colic and constipation.

  • Positions provide opportunity for baby to have ‘tummy time’ (time on their front) to enable them to lift their heads and strengthen their neck muscles, shoulders, and arms and finally their backs.

  • Stretches chest allowing baby to breath more deeply, which increases oxygen, benefiting all the organs of the body and the immune system.


Relaxation is an important part of yoga, and it is even more important in baby yoga because it allows us to balance the activity of the yoga session with a period of rest. This is not only a great way for a tired parent to re-energize, but it is also a gift to give to a baby - the ability to unwind is a gift for life.


At the end of the classes, drinks and homemade cake are served, allowing you to relax and chat with other mothers.


Cost: $25 which will be donated to 'Make a Wish Foundation' a fantastic children’s charity, helping wishes come true for terminal ill children.

We are situated 10 minutes’ walk from Holland Village MRT and 2 minutes from the closest bus station. There is plenty of free car parking and a safe place to park strollers and car seats.


Please arrive promptly, if you are running late or unable to come, please call Tel: 82980616.

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